Direct Primary Care is a doctor-patient relationship that is simple, personal and direct. Sometimes called “concierge care,” I prefer to call it direct primary care, because nobody comes between you and your doctor. I am able to practice medicine in the way that I believe it should be practiced, by having a positive and quality relationship with my patients. I do not accept health insurance, and this enables me to spend all of my time treating and caring for my patients.


  • Unlimited, accessible, highly personalized health care for a low monthly fee
  • A doctor who knows your complete health history
  • A doctor who views the doctor-patient relationship as a team
  • Appointments that can be made the same day if needed
  • Unhurried appointments that start and end on time
  • Adequate time to address the problem and answer all your questions
  • Comprehensive yearly wellness including labs and personalized lifestyle counseling
  • Close monitoring of chronic illnesses
  • After-hours care when appropriate to avoid unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Email, phone, and text messaging for simple problems and questions resulting in fewer office visits
  • Virtual visits via video chat with your doctor when you are out of town or out of the country
  • A direct relationship with your doctor unencumbered from insurance and government requirements and limitations

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